Zone 9 Rotary Coordinator 2017~2020

R.C. Surgeon


About Rotary Coordinator:

Strategic Plan

The goals for Support and Strengthen Clubs are:

  • Foster club innovation and flexibility
  • Encourage clubs to participate in a variety of service activities
  • Promote membership diversity
  • Improve member recruitment and retention
  • Develop leaders
  • Start new, dynamic clubs
  • Encourage strategic planning at club and district levels

The goals for Focus and Increase Humanitarian Service are:

  • Eradicate polio
  • Increase sustainable service focused on
    New Generations programs
    The Rotary Foundation’s six areas of focus
  • Increase collaboration and connection with other organizations
  • Create significant projects both locally and internationally

The goals for Enhance Public lmage and Awareness are:

  • Unify image and brand awareness
  • Publicize action-oriented service
  • Promote core values
  • Emphasize vocational service
  • Encourage clubs to promote their networking opportunities and signature activities

According to statistics, until March 28, 2018 (U.S. time):

The most increasing growth of membership in the world: India (+5,934 people), and Taiwan ranks No.7

The most increasing growth of area in the world: Philippines 3810 area (+2,673 people)

The most increasing growth of district in Taiwan: D3461(No.29)

【2017-18】 The statistic of membership growth

The statistic of membership in countries(20180328)